Lawyer, mediator

Jūratė Matonienė

Jūratė Matonienė started her career as a lawyer in 1996. She was still studying at the university in the then Vilnius City Municipality Company Šilumnešis. She became a member of the Lithuanian Bar Association in 2000. 2003 In January 2006, she became an independent lawyer and in 2006 established a professional partnership with IN Corpore with a partner and is still its head.

The lawyer, working together with the team, advises the Clients and represents the Clients ‘interests in various civil and administrative disputes and defends the Clients’ interests in criminal investigations and / or legal proceedings. He constantly deepens his professional skills by participating in various trainings and seminars.

Jūratė Matonienė, as a mediator in pre-trial disputes, helps the parties to the dispute to achieve the best result and avoid litigation.

Education, qualification:

Vilnius University, Faculty of Law - qualification of a lawyer in 1998
Lithuanian Bar Association - Assistant to Lawyer Kęstutis Stungis in 2000
Lithuanian Bar Association - lawyer in 2003
Mediator training organized by Mykolas Romeris University - 2017

Practice areas:

Property law (property management, rent, purchase-sale)
Company law (corporate governance, business disputes, shareholder disputes)
Contractual and non-contractual liability law (compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage)
Advises Community Clients on family, inheritance and other legal matters
Administrative law
Criminal law
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